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Martinez is the author of:

  • The Unfair Advantage: Digital Marketing Principles That Will Explode the Growth of an Auto Dealership
  • Driving Sales: What It Takes to Sell 1,000 Cars A Month
  • The Drive to 30: Your Ultimate Guide to Selling More Cars Than Ever

Martinez was recognized as AutoRemarketings 40 under 40—Automotive Blogger. He is also the founder of publishing company J. Joseph Group, LLC, a dealer advisory board member of The Automotive Partners and a founding partner of The AutoMiner, LLC—which is a SAAS company that has increased sales and service retention by industry standards by 6 percent.

He is people-driven, results-driven, customer-oriented and forward-thinking with more than 16 years of experience in automotive industry with senior roles. Martinez has developed teams and multi-platform work groups while providing key direction for dealership implementation. He is a former General Sales Manager at Austin TX’s No. 1 Volume Dealer—Charles Maund Toyota a single point car dealership selling 11,000 vehicles annually that generates over $400 million in revenue with over 300 personnel. He has a proven ability to grow sales and profitability, turnaround under-performing operations and introduce new methodologies to lead from a Best in Class position.

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